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I have activated the IIS package for windows, and, I created an index.html file into the wwwroot directory.

Upon visiting localhost/index.html, it works fine.

But what do I have to do, so that someone else may see the page?

I tried to putting http://(my IP adress), but it doesn't work, it opens up the modem settings page.

(If required, this is my modem : Huawei SmartAX mt882a ADSL modem)

How do I get my page to be visible from outside?

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You need to have a public address and also you need to configure the server to allow external connections.

I don't have IIS but it needs to have a "is public" configuration setting.

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Its not IIS. IIS already accepts port 80. – Cole Johnson Dec 22 '12 at 23:14

You have to configure the router to forward the port 80 to the private ip of the development computer

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