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I am writing ESME using logica smpp lib, but have a serious problem - when SMSC send to ESME [FIN, ACK], ESME do not answer correct.

Here TCP dump:

2751.016216 ESME -> SMSC         SMPP SMPP Submit_sm 
2751.019818         SMSC -> ESME SMPP SMPP Submit_sm - resp: "Throttling error (ESME exceeded allowed message limits)" 
2751.136172 ESME -> SMSC         TCP 42265 > 5001 [ACK] Seq=1651885221 Ack=3959508692 Win=123 Len=0 
2774.588453         SMSC -> ESME TCP 5001 > 42265 [FIN, ACK] Seq=3959508692 Ack=1651885221 Win=32768 Len=0 
2774.741502 ESME -> SMSC         TCP 42265 > 5001 [ACK] Seq=1651885221 Ack=3959508693 Win=123 Len=0 
2821.032427 ESME -> SMSC         SMPP SMPP Submit_sm 
2821.033502         SMSC -> ESME TCP 5001 > 42265 [RST] Seq=3959508693 Ack=0 Win=32768 Len=22 

How to solve this? Is it possible to handle this packet? Any offers are welcome.

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opensmpp has some serious problems, I don't recall if this particular behaviour was one of them when we tested, but there were other showstoppers (like inproper handling of text encoding). we ended up reimplementing the smpp protocol from scratch –  mitchnull Mar 26 '12 at 9:58

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In class TCPIPConnection, method - public ByteBuffer receive() you should do something like this:

                    bytesRead = inputStream.read(receiveBuffer, 0, bytesToRead);
                    if (bytesRead == -1){
                        //close connection here
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