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We are using jquerytools and want to use the tooltip functionality for showing content loaded through AJAX.

The documentation of jquerytools tooltip say that the content of the tooltip must be contained within the HTML directly after the element that should receive the tooltip.

Is there no better way? The UI is too complex and this requirement sux.

how would you implement a jquerytools tooltip functionality with tooltip content sucked in through AJAX?

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I am using a customized version of tiptip:


however, why can't you just use ajax to dynamically insert an element after for tooltip content?

you can have a "template" div somewhere like so:

<div id="tooltip-template" style="display:none"><span></span>...</div>

and inside your callback:

    url:    '...',
    type:   "POST",
    data:   JSON.stringify(...),
    success: function(result)
       var tooltip = $("#tooltip-template").clone( );


       var target = $("#tooltip-target");


       target.tooltip( );
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