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I was planning on using RoR for an upcoming e-commerce site but keep reading comments that give the impression that this framework is not yet fit for this type of a commercial application.

What is the state of it? May it be used for large scale online stores etc? Is compatibility and the frequently changing framework an issue to worry about?

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"keep reading comments that give the impression". Citations, please. The assertion might be true but as it stands what you've written is unsubstantiated. –  Mike Woodhouse Jun 11 '09 at 22:38

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Late answer... but I feel I should share some of the latest stuff available.

Is compatibility and the frequently changing framework an issue to worry about?

No. But it sounds like you are a beginner with Rails -- anyone starting a big e-commerce project should consider sticking with a framework they are already comfortable with.

If you definitely want a Rails app and your site is primarily an e-commerce shopping site, I recommend you look at Spree (http://spreecommerce.com/).

If your site is primarily a web application with a small purchasing component, consider using ActiveMerchant directly to hack together your own simple shopping page.

If you are making a primarily e-commerce shopping site, you would do well to at least consider non-Rails solutions. There are so many options for standalone web stores, shopping carts linked to CMS apps like WordPress and Drupal, third-party services for a fee (e.g., Shopify for shops, Chargify for subscription services) and many of them can be customized with minimal coding.

Rails is up to the task, but if you aren't already a "Rails guy" there's no particular reason to choose it for a new e-commerce app.

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yes, rails can do it quite well. check out active merchant site, as well as shopify, which is a rails site specifically for ecommerce. as far as changes to the framework, i've found them pretty easy to keep up with on our applications.

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Agree with other's posts about activemerchant. That combined with someone like Braintree as the gateway (who are programmer oriented) make it pretty simple to do.

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It depends on what features you want in your system.

Chris mentioned some tools for payment processing and order / cart management.

If you want something for a 'large scale online store' then I'm not sure there is anything yet. Specifically when I worked with ATG Dynamo Commerce Server, there was a massive amount of effort invested in their pricing, discount and promotion elements.

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Very late to answer but try out http://www.ror-e.com


Disclaimer: I wrote it, but it is more developer friendly and starts you off with a lot of best practices baked in. Good luck

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