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I've simplified my JavaScript code to the example below; this code is giving me a huge border below the text in my infoWindow. Looking at examples on the web with single line infoWindows it seems like this is a standard feature. Is there any way to eliminate this?


    var marker = new GMarker(point);


    GEvent.addListener(marker, "mouseover", function () {

    marker.openInfoWindow('a<br />b<br />c<br />d<br />a<br />b<br />c<br />d<br />a<br />b<br />c<br />d<br />');


Update: Found the answer, this CSS is causing the problem .gmnoprint { font-size:12px; } The smaller font-size seems to be making the infoWindow display as though it was displaying the default font-size, hence the extra space. Does anyone have a good solution? Thanks

Screenshot in Chrome

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You might also consider moving to Maps API V3, as V2 is deprecated and could be shut off next year. – Mano Marks Mar 23 '12 at 21:24
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Answer was the simplest one: Add a new CSS class with the amended font size (e.g. myGoogleMapInfoWindow, and add a <div class="myGoogleMapInfoWindow"> around the content of your openInfoWindow argument. This makes the Google Maps API behave correctly. Of course it is better to do this using DOM objects rather than a HTML string. The answer seems obvious now, but it was someone else's code I had to fix this on.

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