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Bit of a random one here:

This works perfectly in chrome and firefox but I am having an issue with safari where a jQuery POST request will not reach the server.

 window.onbeforeunload  = function(){
        console.log("Leaving page");
        var method = "saveWellList";
        var wellList = {};

        //get all checked results from checkbox div
        //send to server via Post request - Attach array of results to request
         $('#dynamicCheck :checked').each(function() {
             var wellUID = ($(this).val());
             var wellName = $(this).parent().text();

             wellList[wellUID] = wellName;

         var json_text = JSON.stringify(wellList, null, 2);

        //Post the array to java for storage
        $.post("HandleSend", {Method: method, WellList:json_text},
                   function(data) {

I have tried using the AJAX function where I can set the data type to JSON. However the end result is still the same.

Using safaris javascript debugger I found that on leaving the page the method is called and appears to be processed, but it never reaches the server.

Has any one else encountered this issue in Safari?

Any suggestions?

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Is this code running in an IFrame? onbeforeunload is a MS concoction and yes it works in FF but is flaky in Safari. You may need to try another route. – Ken Thompson Mar 23 '12 at 13:23
Nope its not running in an IFrame. The strange thing is, that I am running onbeforeunload on a different page and I can acess vars etc within it however when I come to POST from inside it, it never reaches the server. – Colin Dawson Mar 23 '12 at 13:35
Are you sure it's reaching the post? Maybe there is another problem preventing it from getting there. – Ken Thompson Mar 23 '12 at 13:41
In the debugger it gets to the line $.post Console: json_text: "{↵ "wells45bd2f0320f975.73092764": "A_On_DN_7",↵ "wells42952ce661aa39.31439359": "A_On_DN_4"↵}" method: "saveWellList" Then when I step over the post, it seems to get lost... – Colin Dawson Mar 23 '12 at 13:48

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