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HyperSQL converts all column names to upper case when creating a table, right.
When selecting something using undelimited identifiers the identifiers are case insensitive and
SELECT myColumn FROM myTable; or
SELECT mYcOlUmN FROM myTable; or
SELECT mycolumn FROM myTable;
will work fine.

When using delimited identifiers, however, identifiers are case sensitive. So
will work but

SELECT "myColumn" FROM myTable; or
SELECT "mYcOlUmN" FROM myTable; or
SELECT "mycolumn" FROM myTable;

All MOST of my queries are using lower case delimited identifiers (don't ask why).
Does HyperSQL provide a way of using case-insensitive delimited identifiers OR treating non-quoted identifiers as lower-case?

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Standard SQL is not case-sensitive when you do not use quoted identifiers. When you do use them, the quoted objects are treated as case-sensitive, while unquoted names are treated as uppercase.

You can rename all your columns to their lowercase version.


You can do this programatically (in Java) by selecting all table + column names in the PUBLIC schema and executing the rename statement for each column.

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Ups.. I've mislead you! MOST of my queries are using lower case quoted identifiers! In your example all further select queries should use quoted identifiers since non-quoted ones are treated as uppercase! –  Ivan Nikolchov Mar 24 '12 at 16:08
Usage must be consistent and follow the rules. There is no other way. –  fredt Mar 25 '12 at 16:19

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