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I'm trying to create a report that needs to get the dates for last quarter and this quarter through Javascript. The code worked last month but in March it doesn't work. It shows last quarter as this quarter and this quarter shows as next quarter. I am using datejs in this project. Here is the code I am using:

function thisQuarterDates(from, to) {
    var month = Date.parse('today').toString('MM');
    var quarterMonth = (Math.floor(month/3)*3)+1;
    var year = Date.parse('today').toString('yyyy');

    var quarterStartDate = (quarterMonth < 10) ? quarterMonth+'/1/' +year : quarterMonth+'/1/'+ year;
    var quarterEndDate = Date.parse(quarterStartDate).add(2).months().moveToLastDayOfMonth().toString('M/d/yyyy');
    var today = Date.parse('today').toString('M/d/yyyy');

    document.getElementById(from).value = quarterStartDate;
    document.getElementById(to).value = quarterEndDate;

function lastQuarterDates(from, to) {
    var month = Date.parse('today').toString('MM');
    var quarter = (Math.floor(month/3))+1;
    var lastQuarter = (quarter > 1) ? quarter - 1 : lastQuarter = 4;
    var year;
    if (((((lastQuarter-1)*3)+1) < 10))
        year = Date.parse('today').toString('yyyy');
        year = Date.parse('today').add(-1).years().toString('yyyy');
    var firstDate = ((((lastQuarter-1)*3)+1) < 10) ? (((lastQuarter-1)*3)+1) +'/1/'+ year : (((lastQuarter-1)*3)+1) +'/1/'+ year;
    var lastDate = Date.parse(firstDate).add(2).months().moveToLastDayOfMonth().toString('M/d/yyyy');

    document.getElementById(from).value = firstDate;
    document.getElementById(to).value = lastDate;

Anyone know why it's incorrect or is there an easier way?

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What library are you using for prototypes of Date, such as moveToLastDayOfMonth()? Is it your custom code? –  orad Dec 8 '12 at 15:23
At the time I wrote this I was using dateJS, however, I have since switched to Moment.js. DateJS hasn't been maintained in quite some time. MomentJS is maintained and it works the same with some additional features. –  Keith Dec 10 '12 at 14:27
May this will help you . stackoverflow.com/a/20989200/2837412 –  Nishchit Dhanani Jan 8 '14 at 7:14

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On the first function change

var quarterMonth = (Math.floor(month/3)*3)+1;


var quarterMonth = (Math.floor((month-1)/3)*3)+1;

and on the second function

var quarter = (Math.floor(month/3))+1;


var quarter = (Math.floor((month-1)/3))+1;

and I think it will be fine.

And on the second function I don't see the point of

((((lastQuarter-1)*3)+1) < 10)

a simple

(lastQuarter < 4)

will do the same job

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Looks to be working, thanks a lot! –  Keith Mar 23 '12 at 15:03

if you're using moment.js this might be easier:

var quarterAdjustment= (moment().month() % 3) + 1;
var lastQuarterEndDate = moment().subtract({ months: quarterAdjustment }).endOf('month');
var lastQuarterStartDate = lastQuarterEndDate.clone().subtract({ months: 3 }).startOf('month');

conversion to date.js should be fairly easy.

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Awesome snippet, but I noticed that to get the first day of the quarter, a slight modification was needed - changed startOf('month') to endOf('month') and added a day: var lastQuarterStartDate = lastQuarterEnd.clone().subtract(3, 'months').endOf('month').add(1,'days') –  bphillips Apr 1 at 19:45
ah, good catch. I guess you could also do: var lastQuarterStartDate = lastQuarterEndDate.clone().subtract({ months: 2 }).startOf('month'); –  trebuchetty Apr 13 at 20:23

Use this simple code to get all quarter based on january and april


Code :

 // startMonth should be january or april

  function setQuarter(startMonth) {
    var obj = {};

        obj.quarter1 = {start:moment().month(0).startOf('month'),end:moment().month(2).endOf('month')}
        obj.quarter2 = {start:moment().month(3).startOf('month'),end:moment().month(5).endOf('month')}
        obj.quarter3 = {start:moment().month(6).startOf('month'),end:moment().month(8).endOf('month')}
        obj.quarter4 = {start:moment().month(9).startOf('month'),end:moment().month(11).endOf('month')}
        return obj;
    else if(startMonth=='april'){

        obj.quarter1 = {start:moment().month(3).startOf('month'),end:moment().month(5).endOf('month')}
        obj.quarter2 = {start:moment().month(6).startOf('month'),end:moment().month(8).endOf('month')}
        obj.quarter3 = {start:moment().month(9).startOf('month'),end:moment().month(11).endOf('month')}
        obj.quarter4 = {start:moment().month(0).startOf('month').add('years',1),end:moment().month(2).endOf('month').add('years',1)}
        return obj;



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