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I'm trying to seed a blank database from the production db via the Import/Export wizard. How do I convince SQL Server to ignore Foreign Key violations?


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stackoverflow.com/questions/737115/… and you can use DBCC CHECKCONSTRAINT to check that all is well before you turn them back on –  τεκ May 23 '13 at 19:56

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There is an option to "check constraints" on the OleDbDestination Component. unmark it and it will ignore the foreign keys.

I honestly don't like that option much, so I suggest these two other ways:

1) Always copy the tables on the "inverse" order of the key. For example, if you have a key from A to B, copy table B first and then table A

2) use a Exec SQL Task to disable the foreign keys with the NOCHECK CONSTRAINT (example here) before copy and another to enable after copy

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