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I while creating some partitions in Win7 using disk management, i mistakenly created a dynamic partition which converted all of my primary partitions into dynamic partitions. Due to this, i have not been able to boot from Ubuntu.

I have reistalled win7 twice but at the time of creating partitions during installation, i have not been able to delete the dynamic partition and to get a single chunk of my HD.

Please some body can help me that how i delete these dynamic partitions and have my primary partitions??? I have searched around different forums and re-installed window twice.

All the answers are appreciated.


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I've used the Windows XP command prompt version of 'diskpart'. That version allow to delete dynamic partitions without any problem. Simply insert the Windows XP setup disk, choose 'recovery' then run 'diskpart' and delete all the partitions. After that, setup Windows 7 again.

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yes, agreed with you @nir but it would require you to use windows xp 64 bit version, as in my case. :) Thanks for your answer. –  Nadeem Yasin Jul 2 '12 at 14:06
While this Q is off topic here. I did get to it from google. So it is useful to someone. Therefore, using the answer above as clue, i found this which helped me (see command line part) technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc780763(v=ws.10).aspx and this techgaun.com/2010/11/converting-dynamic-disk-to-basic-with.html –  Valamas - AUS Mar 21 '13 at 12:46
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After doing some RnD and taking help from different forums and peoples, here is the answer of the question

When all the partitions are converted to dynamic, then you wont be able to delete them and convert them back to basic using Window7. Even if you are put the DVD and re-installing windows. It does not shows you any option to delete the partition. And using a third party tools like "Magic Partition" also dint help becuase the C derive has also been converted to dynamic so its not possible for this tool to conver C into basic while sitting in C.

So what i did, i have to put my DOS CD into the pc and booted from it and then using fdisk basic commands, i was finally able to delete all the partitions and got a single chunk of HD

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