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I am engaged in a very tedious process of documenting legacy Delphi code.

One of the main things I need to do is: for each databound control, determine what its Data Source is, look at the DataSource to see what its Dataset is, and then document that, whether it's Table1.Column1 or "Select * from TheSky Where MoonIsDark" or whatever.

Is there some tool (free/open source) that, on being fed .pas and .dfm files, will generate such a report? Or am I doomed to repeat history in a mind-numbing fashion?

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I've never seen one, and wouldn't trust it if I did.

Is this the traditional tropical fish example with data modules, auto create forms, more commonly known as unmaintainable bucket of global variables which are objects so it's okay really?

Seriously how would you do this? Design time reference on a descendant form in an eight level deep hierarchy that might be overriden in some code somewhere. Okay maybe your legacy code isn't that bad, I've seen some truly horrible things in my time though.

If this documentation exercise is instead of squaring up your code, it's a bad move, documentatoion will be as much of a mess as the code.

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No, it's not a refactoring job, it's a complete rewrite in C#. We mainly want to document which database fields are tied to which controls. The DB will stay the same, so those aspects of the legacy app should be "golden." –  B. Clay Shannon Mar 23 '12 at 16:41
Hmmm. Personally I'd look at side by side com or writing services and start lifting the data and business logic layers (well creating them probably) out into C# first, and then hooking the current UI into them, until all that's left in delphi is the UI. Doing it all in one go, is extreme pressure and you'll end up lifting the bodges into the new code as well. –  Tony Hopkinson Mar 23 '12 at 20:30

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