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I use a wrapper around make to compile C++ code within a project.

For example, the project Foo is laid out as follows:


where lib_1, lib_2 are library dependencies of Foo. The src directory has a single make file which I run on the command line.

Is there a way to teach emacs to always run that file when I do M-x compile? And understand how to jump to an error in some other file buffer (or open a new buffer for a file) depending on what the error is on running make (g++) ?

Edit: I guess what I am asking for is project support and support within the project to run a specific custom make file, where errors point to files within the project that emacs can navigate to.

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You mean M-x compile? I don't have an M-x make –  Tom Mar 23 '12 at 16:20
Yes M-x compile. –  ATemp Mar 23 '12 at 16:21

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See the variable compile-command. This is what M-x compile defaults to, so you can set it to run the makefile you want. E.g.

cd /your/root/dir ; make

Also see the command recompile if you don't want to always press enter. It's also worth it to bind it to some key.

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