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i try to send data actually checkboxes from html to AJAX and ajax will post it to PHP but it prints always null.

First of all,

                {foreach value=mCast key=key from=$cast}
                {if $key lt $castCount-1}
                <li class="p16 pd_5 border_b"><a class="bordo" href="{$mCast.url}">{$mCast.nameSurname}</a> <a href="{$mCast.characterUrl}" class="sag bordo">{$mCast.characterName}</a>

                <li class="p16 pd_5"><a class="bordo" href="{$mCast.url}">{$mCast.nameSurname}</a> <a class="sag bordo" href="{$mCast.characterUrl}">{$mCast.characterName}</a>
               <input align="right" type=checkbox name="checkArtist[]" id ="{$movieId}-{$mCast.id}"></li>
                <a style="float: right" href='javascript:void(null);' onclick="deleteData2();" >
                    <input type="button" name="checkArtistButton" value="Sil"></a>

Dont care about foreach tag they are template_lite tags.

then when i send this data to deleteData2 and deleteData2 has:

 function deleteData2()
        var data = {
            'artistId[]' : []
        $(".p16 input:checked").each(function(){



For example when i try to cut this ajax code some part in console it prints enter image description here

and in my php side i try this ,

  echo '<pre>';


prints null. Why :s

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$_POST is a server array... you should access the data using the index. –  Sujit Agarwal Mar 23 '12 at 16:19
Whats the form action/method? Are you POSTing for the method, or GETing? Request for additional code, please. –  PenguinCoder Mar 23 '12 at 16:19
I think you should change "artistId[]" by "artistId" in your javascript. –  jpic Mar 23 '12 at 16:19

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Try With Php example. Sometimes Encoding creates problem or error in Html. Check the proper tags. All Tags should closed.

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