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I want to escape all the special character is an sql query. So i created thi regex:

Pattern p1 = Pattern.compile("\\{ | \\} | \\\\ | \\, | \\& | \\? |"
            + " \\( | \\) | \\[ | \\] | \\- | \\; | \\~ | \\| | \\ $ | "
            + "\\! | \\< | \\> | \\* | \\% | \\_");
Matcher m1=p1.matcher(s);

Now I want it to iterate through all the matches and put an '\' character before it. For example if a string is : aa%aa$aa, I want it to be aa\%aa\$aa. How can i do this?

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You can use back reference $0 to refer to the value of the matched expression:

myString.replaceAll(myPattern, "\\\\$0")

For example,

System.out.println("abcdef".replaceAll("[a-c]", "\\\\$0"));



Note the excessive number of slashes in the replacement: I need to pass two backslashes to regexp (the first one escapes the second one), and for each one I must put two in order for the Java to do its own escaping, for the final count of four.

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thx, it works fine –  czadam Mar 23 '12 at 17:26
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If all you want to do is escape SQL characters I would recommend using PreparedStatements in Java rather than trying to construct your own escaper.

That being said, it would be possible to do so with regex but it wouldn't be easy

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You need to capture the pattern with parenthesis like so


And letter you can refer to them by a $+the ordinal of the parentheses pair

For example, if you apply the replacement pattern


it will give


In java this become

String resultString = subjectString.replaceAll("(a)(b)(c)", "$1\\\\$2$3");
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