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In a certain ScrollView, we want to display multiple (>25) ImageViews. Each of these ImageViews has to hold a separate Bitmap that was loaded from the sd-card.

You can guess what will happen:

 03-23 16:33:04.561: E/dalvikvm-heap(28310): 90000-byte external allocation too large for this process.
 03-23 16:33:04.561: E/dalvikvm(28310): Out of memory: Heap Size=6151KB, Allocated=3491KB, Bitmap Size=26917KB, Limit=32768KB

We tried recycling the Bitmaps, but that will result in the "cannot display disposed Bitmap"-error for an ImageView. OpenGL might be an option of course, but we'd rather do it without =) Does anyone know how the build-in gallery on Android shows all your pictures without giving overflows?

The question becomes: Is there any way to display a lot of Bitmaps in multiple ImageViews?



As requested the code so far. (Well, the useful part).

All variables / Views etc. are created above this piece of code if they are not in this snippet ;) The method is only called during initialization obviously. When onDestroy() is called (or onStop()) all Bitmaps are recycled. They will be loaded again when needed. Loading is done asynch; a loading animation is displayed in the meantime. (Which will be stopped and removed when the Bitmap is loaded.)

for (ImageObject imageObject : images)
    // previous row is full
    if (currentWidth >= maxImagesPerRow)
        // add that row to the main view

        // and start a new empty row
        linearLayout = createEmptyRowLayout();
        currentWidth = 0;

    // create an ImageView with the correct image source
    ImageView iv = new ImageView(CollectionActivity.this);
    iv.setId((int) imageObject.getId());
    iv.setLayoutParams(new LayoutParams(realImageWidth + 2*imagePadding, realImageWidth + 2*imagePadding));
    iv.setPadding(imagePadding, imagePadding, imagePadding, imagePadding);
    iv.setOnClickListener( *some onClickListener* );

    // This bmp is recycled when the activity is destroyed
    // It is a Bitmap resized to the needed size.

    // add this image to the current row (which cannot be full)

// If the row is not full, add (a) transparent image(s)     
while (currentWidth < maxImagesPerRow)
    * (add 1 empty image; 1x1 transparent pixel from resources) *

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Take a look at ViewPager. Using it you can destroy unused Views. – Vyacheslav Shilkin Mar 23 '12 at 16:42
Make the bitmaps as small as possible. If you need no alpha you can load Bitmaps with Bitmap.Config.RGB_565 halving the size requirements. Also use a gridview instead of a scrollview and recycle bitmaps when a view is converted. – Renard Mar 23 '12 at 17:14
appserv: we don't want to destroy them, just create a lot of them. Destroying is handled when the Activity is destroyed. Renard: The images are already as small as possible. Alpha is required. What do you mean by "... when a view in converted."? – Knots Mar 23 '12 at 18:11
Knot: It is a good practice to reuse views since the amount of space on the phone is limited. Just keep copies of the images on disk and load them from there on demand. – pablisco Mar 24 '12 at 2:17
@pablisco: I know it's limited, that's where the overflow comes from ;) Images are kept on the sd and loaded only when needed. The question was how to load a lot of images and put them in separate ImageViews. – Knots Mar 25 '12 at 11:44

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