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i would like to check if an user has made changes of a specific field when he fills out a form. in that form it will be echoed the old entry that comes from the db. clearly the variable that will be posted is:

$var = $_POST['var'];

the variable that will echo the entry of the db is:

echo $var

i look for some logic that means like:

$newvar = is the new entry that is not the old $var;

after the user has submit the form all new and "old" data will be stored in a second table. now my question is, how can i check if a field has new input or is it the same and in case of a new entry how to put this into a variable?



okay, first of all thanks for answering. please do not tell me how to store data in a db or session. i'm looking for a code to realize. like i wrote i have the data stored into a second table! i dont know how to check each other.

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You can accomplish this in two ways:

  1. Check old values in the database after the form is submitted, and update accordingly. Simply query the database and compare the values in the DB vs $_POST

  2. Pass the old values via a hidden input (I would not suggest this as the user can change the data)

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this near to an solution. the form also will be posted via email to my mailaccount so that i can see the data. i like to compare them in the mail like: userid wants to change: $var into $newvar. – j.D. Mar 23 '12 at 16:49

You need to keep state in your app. You could use SESSION or a database. See

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