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class MyController {
    def startTwoMinuteTask = {
        response.contentType = 'text/html'
        def out = response.outputStream.destination
        out.println 'Starting ...'
        for (int i=0;i<10;i++) {
            out.println " <br>    $i"
        return null

I'd like this to display 1 through 10 as status updates, alas grails is buffering the the entire thing. How do I make this work? Thanks!

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I know this isn't the actual answer to your question, but why aren't you using a background Thread?

Using something like the Quartz plugin will let you spin off the long-running process. You can have the browser poll for changes periodically (or using a feature like Atmosphere for push if you can).

The benefit of this is you aren't locking open a connection. Also, not all browsers will wait that long — sometimes they'll time out. HTTP isn't really intended as a long-running connection, especially if no information is being passed.

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