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How can you find out which commit was used in a cherry-pick operation? git reflog only seems to show the resulting commit Sha-1 after the cherry-pick is merged and commited. We need to find the original commit prior to that.

Why? It's because we mistakenly cherry-picked a large, but incorrect commit to a different branch. But noone realized it until after modifying it so that it compiles plus added other commits after it.

The goal here is to compare this resulting cherry-pick from the original one and use those differences either as a patch or to manually make the same changes to the correct cherry-pick.

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Why can't you just diff the cherry-picked commit with its parent? –  amcnabb Mar 23 '12 at 17:07
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You can compare the git log -p output. You may be able to do it with --stat as well.

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