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I am using insertion sort to sort a stringlist (EmailingListArray below). EmailingListArray[1] is an array that contains names. EmailingListArray[2] contains corresponding emails. I am sorting EmailingListArray[1] and when something changes within it, it also changes the second array, so they are sorted together. An awkward way of doing things, I know, but it's for coursework and I wanted to put an insertion sort in somewhere to try get an extra mark :L

Here's my code

//quick check to make sure array contains correct values
for first := 0 to EmailingListArray[1].Count do

//then sort
First := 0;
Last := EmailingListArray[1].Count;
for CurrentPointer := First +1 to Last-1 do
  CurrentValue := EmailingListArray[1][CurrentPointer];
  CurrentValue2 := EmailingListArray[2][CurrentPointer];
  Pointer := CurrentPointer + 1;
  while ((EmailingListArray[1][Pointer] > CurrentValue) AND (Pointer > 0)) do
      EmailingListArray[1][Pointer+1] := EmailingListArray[1][Pointer];
      EmailingListArray[2][Pointer+1] := EmailingListArray[2][Pointer];
      pointer := Pointer -1;
  EmailingListArray[1][Pointer + 1] := CurrentValue;
  EmailingListArray[2][Pointer + 1] := CurrentValue;

  //show message at the end for a check

The message "hello?" isn't being displayed for some reason :S. The program isn't crashing or anything so it really should atleast display "hello?" at the end. It isn't sorting my arrays either. Neither am I sure if the algorithm is written correctly, I got it out of our textbook. Any help would be much appreciated!

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If you want to get a good mark:

  1. Avoid giving misleading names for your variables:

    • CurrentPointer should be called CurrentIndex or CurrentPosition as it is an index and not a Pointer
    • Pointer is to be avoided (reserved for Pointer type) and more so because it is not a Pointer; should be WorkIndex or WorkPosition
  2. Read the Insertion sort algorithm (wikipedia has a simple pseudocode for array indexed from 0) and implement it properly:

    WorkIndex := CurrentIndex - 1; // - not + in your "Pointer := CurrentPointer + 1;"

  3. Get your Index range from 0 to Count-1 for a TStrings.

  4. Don't mix up the 2 arrays:
    EmailingListArray[2][WorkIndex + 1] := CurrentValue2; // not CurrentValue

Update: Missed the bad while condition for zero based array.

2bis. While condition should be with >=0, not >0

while ((EmailingListArray[1][WorkIndex] > CurrentValue) AND (WorkIndex >= 0)) do
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Thanks, its sorting well now, just one problem, its not sorting the very first item. Think thats what you meant by point 3 but not sure what to do :S – JamesB123 Mar 23 '12 at 20:35
@JamesB123, see my update... – François Mar 23 '12 at 21:08
Thanks man! Appreciate it :) – JamesB123 Mar 23 '12 at 23:51

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