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Is there any event in the above mentioned namespace to fire when any change occurs or when document edited ,for instance, text input occurs

I tried


But i can't trigger an event whenever i insert text in active word document.

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Unfortunately the Word object model does not expose any key press events,

List of Word events - Document Events

You could try implementing a global keyboard hook to achieve what you're looking for through Win32 API.

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You can find a rather old, but still very informative page on the MVPS Word site about using Word Events in VBA programming (http://word.mvps.org/FAQs/MacrosVBA/AppClassEvents.htm). Please note the caveat at the end of the page that the use of some events may have a performance hit on Word; I remember also other pages expressing this caveat about "catch the type text event".

In fact, I'm developing Word solutions since 1994 and found rarely the necessity to catch the type event. I'd rather be afraid to mingle with the user input on this level, and would look for an alternative approach.

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