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I am trying to return the lowest value for every set of data grouped by a column.

In English, I want to arrange my data into groups by accommodation but only return the lowest perperson price for each accommodation.

I found a similar example (my attempt with it below) at MySQL Group By get title column with smallest date value

SELECT t1 . * FROM tbl_TravelFeed AS t1
    (SELECT pk_id, MIN( perperson ) AS perperson FROM tbl_TravelFeed
        GROUP BY accommodation
        ORDER BY perperson) AS t2    
   ON t1.pk_id = t2.pk_id AND t1.perperson = t2.perperson

This seems to almost work, but it returns a record by lowest ID instead of perperson. I can't understand why to be able to correct it.

I am trying to finish a university assignment for Tuesday (27th March '12) and would love to get this working properly but it is non-critical in the bigger picture.

I have tried many ways of doing this including use of Distinct. The above query seems to have got closest to it.

Would be very grateful for any help.


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@Cfreak Why remove the homework tag? OP states this is a university assignment. –  jzworkman Mar 23 '12 at 19:08
@jzworkman if I did it was accidental. I was attempting to cleanup the query –  Cfreak Mar 23 '12 at 19:49

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This is untested but this is how I would write it in MySQL, you the reason I put my subquery in the WHERE statement is so that I could easily create a VIEW from this query and always keep the results stored in a separate view so I could make queries against that.

SELECT * FROM tbl_Travelfeed AS t
WHERE perperson =
  SELECT MIN(perperson)
  FROM tbl_Travelfeed
  WHERE accommodation = t.accommodation
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You're very close. Since you are grouping by accommodation, the appropriate link from the inner table and the outer table is the accommodation field, not pk_id:

(SELECT accommodation, MIN( perperson ) AS perperson FROM tbl_TravelFeed
    GROUP BY accommodation
    ORDER BY perperson) AS t2
ON t1.**accommodation** = t2.**accommodation** AND t1.perperson = t2.perperson
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This is very close thanks you. Just need to handle the situations where there are multiple records with the same lowest value –  asest Mar 23 '12 at 19:22
        tbl_TravelFeed AS t
        ( SELECT accommodation
               , MIN(perperson) AS perperson 
          FROM tbl_TravelFeed
          GROUP BY accommodation
        ) AS g 
      ON  g.accommodation = t.accommodation
      AND g.perperson = t.perperson  
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