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Which Linux package has mdump / msend utility?

I am running on Redhad Enterprise 6.


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I'm not seeing it in the base server, supplementary, or optional channels. (Or even the EPEL repository.)

yum provides */msend
No matches found.

yum provides */mdump
No matches found.

It looks like you are to download the binaries from the maintainer.

From the man page:

mdump may be obtained from:

Manual Page - mdump(1)

I didn't see any thing obvious for msend...

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I believe this is the wrong utility. The OP is looking for the multicast networking mdump utility. – ewwhite May 8 '12 at 12:08

The Informatica MTools package is available here.

It provides the msend, mdump and mpong (multicast ping) utilities.

Usage information is here:

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Isn't there a package search in Redhat? I'd search for those tools and install the proper package then.

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