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I've been having significant issues with event propagation inside google maps infoboxes. See this SO question for an example.

I now have a new related problem. When I set the infoBox option enableEventPropagation to true (which I think that I have to do to enable .delegate() commands to work on elements inside of the infoBox), then I can't get focus on a textfield that is inside the infoBox. By simply setting enableEventPropagation to false (which then disables my needed delegates), focus works exactly as expected. Is there a way to enable my delegates while not mucking up focus on textareas?

See this fiddle for an example

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You can add an onclick event to your textarea and set focus to it. Just add


to the textarea tag like so

function data() {
var HTML = "<div id='ib' class='infobox_test'>" +
                "<textarea maxlength='249' onClick=\"this.focus()\"></textarea>" +
return HTML;


fiddle example found here http://jsfiddle.net/pimlinders/ZJSJ3/

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I've been testing for a while and noticed the same problem. disabled focus and editing capabilities of textarea element when eventPropagation = true;

Try to use focusin/focusout to disable/enable map scroll and drag. Its not like you might want but if the user is typing in the textarea you can fire those events without problem.

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