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I'm trying to use AVFoundation to have three recording modes: Audio, Video and Photo. Audio and Video work just fine, but the problem is, if I set the session preset to AVCaptureSessionPreset352x288, the still pictures are also saved at that resolution. If I change my session preset to AVCaptureSessionPresetPhoto, then the photos look great but the video stops working because that isn't a supported preset for video. I've tried creating multiple sessions, reassigning the session preset, etc. but nothing seems to work. Anyone have a way to make this work with the video at a low resolution and still images at full resolution?

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before taking the picture set the property for a new session preset

// captureSession is your capture session object
[captureSession beginConfiguration];
captureSession.sessionPreset = AVCaptureSessionPresetHigh;
[captureSession commitConfiguration];

then call your capture image handler

captureStillImageAsynchronouslyFromConnection: completionHandler:

then change back to low res (= prevPreset)

[captureSession beginConfiguration];
captureSession.sessionPreset = prevPreset;
[captureSession commitConfiguration];
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Is this method appropriate to acquire a full-resolution image (I mean a 5MP or 8MP image according to device photo-capture resolution) or it is just an improvement to acquire an image at the higher resolution supported by video-capture? If the answer is yes, what is the value to use at .sessionPreset for a photo-capture resolution? Do the video-preview freeze while capturing the (high-res) photo? –  Fivos Vilanakis Mar 10 '14 at 8:39

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