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I'm building a system similar to twitter, with hash tags (#) and at tags (@). Let's say I have this piece of text:

skateboarding with @Sam and his new #dog

I could store it as plain text in my database, and "parse" them when it's time to display them… but what if I want to get all texts containing #dog (hash tag dog)? I could use a regex in my sql statement, but it doesn't seem "optimal".

And what if I want to have the number of distinct tags there are, for a specific user or for all of them? That would be a pain in the butt if tags are only stored as text.

I don't know how I should accomplish that. If someone has already done something similar, that would be nice to share with me. I'm not looking for code… only algorithms I guess.

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I presume that the tags are stored in a database with a link (for each) back to the message.

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