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I want to search for a pattern and append to that in a file.

To be precise here is an example of my pattern and there are hundreds in a file.

         <size>30</size> needs to be replaced with <size>30,-1</size>

But the number in place of 30 is a variable (it can be any number from 0-99)

I am new to sed but I have used sed with known patterns but dont know how to modify when there is a variable in the pattern.

also I saw a sample where the code is placed in .sed file

      for example: sed replace.sed datafile.xyz > new.xyz 

how do I achieve that?


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With sed you can store part of the matched text with parentheses and include it in the replacement:


So, for example:

sed 's:<size>\([0-9][0-9]*\)</size>:<size>\1,-1</size>:g' ...
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Thanks...that saved me lot of manual work –  S P Mar 26 '12 at 18:11

... and about reading sed commands from a file:


and call it:

sed -f commands.sed file.html   

If you have multiple commands, put each in its own line.

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I know this hasn't been tagged under perl so feel free to ignore it. But with perl's positive look-ahead and look-behind you can do something like this -

perl -pe 's/(?<=\<size\>)([0-9]{2})(?=\<\/size\>)/$1,-1/' yourfile
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