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I'm trying to output prettier numbers from my FreeMarker template in GeoServer:

     <#list features as feature>
       <#if"lon" ||"lat">

If I take out the ?round, I get things like "-121.469166666667". I simply wish to format that number a bit, say by rounding it to 4 decimal places.

I've tried a couple things:


But those complain of "Expected hash.", so I'm feeling like it's just a syntax issue of conveying the string in the hash to the ? operator correctly, so that I'm actually executing methods on the string... but that has stumped me.

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Try: ${((feature[].value*10000)?round)/10000} – stark Mar 23 '12 at 21:20

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If you always want 4 decimals:


If you want at most 4 decimals, then ?string("0.####")

The ?number part is only needed if value is a string. In that case you should write [...].value?number?string("0.0000"). There's no such thing as ?number.string, hence the "expected hash" error message.

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