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I've got records in my MySQL projects database that have several boolean flags to help me sort the data. I have 3 categories planning, landscape, and environmental and 4 classes (or subcategories) for each category; industrial, government, education, residential.

My goal is to use ColdFusion to create and store the project_id numbers in an array of some kind that will basically have the projects sorted by category and class. That way I can grab just the industrial projects in the planning category and construct a link to that project.

So, the first position in the array would be planning and inside that first position would be the 4 classes, then, within that would be all of the project_id numbers that returned true for those particular criteria.

The logic I'm looking to create goes like this...

Loop over the query result, if planning = true and industrial = true, place the project id # into the planning array inside the industrial array.

How can I use <cfloop> to loop over the list of project records, recognize the category and class flags and construct a clean and usable dataset? Can this be handles in the query in some way?

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  1. Figure out the desired data structure
  2. look at your existing data structure
  3. figure out the algorithm to translate from one to the other

You may cfloop the query, and use a large cfswitch (or large set of if-then-else) to figure out how you want to store the id in your desired data structure. Or if you can map the class/category name as a struct key, then it might be easier.

Or you may use cfoutput group="" if it helps (cfloop group="" is available on in CF10+)

Finally, maybe you don't even need the data structure, just use Query of Queries wherever you need.

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You may be able to utilize the Underscore.cfc library for this. For example, you could use the filter function to extract an array of structs representing the query rows you want:

planningArray = _.filter(queryResult, function(row){
    return (row.planning == true && row.industrial == true);
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