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I am trying to make a game using the PlayN framework, which includes a GWT port of JBox2D. My problem is that although Box2D appears to be detecting a collision just fine, it is not reporting the collision to my contact listener.

I have a static object moving down at a constant velocity (the platform) and a dynamic object (the player) which lands on the platform. I have to be able to detect the platform because if the player is in freefall he cannot jump. The player lands upon the platform and doesn't fall through it, but often (not always) my contact listener's beginContact method is not called. It seems to be important that the platform is moving down--this doesn't seem to happen if it is standing still. The platform is not moving slowly, at a speed of only -.5, so it is not that the gravity isn't holding the player to the platform.

I tested the contact manifold between the player and the platform under these circumstances and I discovered that the number of points is zero and the local normal is {0, 0}. A contact should always have at least one point or else it is not a contact. Also, although the position of the player moves at the same rate as the platform, I tested its velocity and box2d says it's around -60, which is terminal velocity.

I have tried increasing the position and velocity iterations but that does not seem relevant to the problem--as I said, the collision takes place just fine, but my contact listener is not notified. Does anyone have any ideas on what is causing this issue or have ideas on how to work around it?

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The existence of a contact just means that the AABBs of the two fixtures are overlapping, not necessarily that the fixtures themselves are actually touching. You can check that with IsTouching(). If the collision between the platform and the player is being corrected as you say it is (player does not fall thru platform) then the collision has obviously been detected correctly and indeed most of the time it is in fact giving you a BeginContact notification, so I would tend to suspect something in the port is not quite right. –  iforce2d Mar 24 '12 at 11:57
@jforce2d What he failed to mention is the part dealng with is not the GWT part, or anything to do with playn as far as we can tell, and just plain normal java version of Box2d –  nekosune Mar 24 '12 at 13:57

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