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Ok, so fb_graph looks pretty simple to use but Im kinda confused as how to use it.

All I want to do, and when I post a blog entry from my rails app, have the app automatically post to my facebook page.

I have my facebook app_id and app_secret already but Im confused as to what to do with this code:

me =
  :message => 'Updating via FbGraph',
  :picture => '',
  :link => '',
  :name => 'FbGraph',
  :description => 'A Ruby wrapper for Facebook Graph API'

How do I get that ACCESS_TOKEN? And how do I make sure my posts are going to my fan page and not my personal facebook wall?

Lastly, where does the above code go since I want to post when a blog entry is posted should that code go in the controller under "new" or should it be a method called in the model whenever a blog post is made?

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For the second half of your question: It's likely you want the code to send to Facebook in your model. You can add an after_create callback - this'll fire when the model is first created and saved.

Two things to watch for though - Facebook is an external service, and might be down, slow or send errors back to your app. So, make sure to catch exceptions that might be thrown, or, ideally, use a background job to process the posting.

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