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I'm using the Neography gem to interact with a Neo4j database through the REST API. I don't see any way in Neography itself (though if it's there, I'd love to use it!), nor have I been able to find by searching on Google whether this is possible directly through the REST API itself. Does anyone out there with Neo4j experience happen to know?

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With Neography, you can send this Gremlin script:

@neo = Neography::Rest.new

to remove all the nodes and relationships.

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Just got a chance to verify this; thanks! –  Dan Tao Mar 26 '12 at 13:05

To clear all nodes and relationships except the root node, use the solution provided in neography wiki

@neo = Neography::Rest.new
@neo.execute_query("START n0=node(0),nx=node(*) MATCH n0-[r0?]-(),nx-[rx?]-() WHERE nx <> n0 DELETE r0,rx,nx")
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