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Same site, different problem... It worked fine for a couple of minutes, but now I get this...

Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required  
(include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in 
/home/retrorea/public_html/tradepost/includes/messages.inc.php on line 50

I havn't changed anything except for that. Here is line 50:


And here's the whole thing:

if(!defined('INCLUDED')) exit("Access denied");
#// COPYRIGHT 2007 Phpauction.net ALL RIGHTS RESERVED //

/** *************************************************************
* NOTE: Language management

if(!empty($_GET[lan])) {
    $language = $_GET[lan];
    $_SESSION['language'] = $language;

    #// Set language cookie
} elseif(isset($_SESSION['language'])) {
    $language = $_SESSION['language'];
} elseif(empty($_SESSION['language']) && !isset($_COOKIE['USERLANGUAGE'])) {
    $language = $SETTINGS['defaultlanguage'];
    $_SESSION['language'] = $language;

    #// Set language cookie
} elseif(empty($_GET[lan])) {
  if(isset($_COOKIE['USERLANGUAGE'])) {
    $language = $_COOKIE['USERLANGUAGE'];
  } else {
    $language = $SETTINGS['defaultlanguage'];
} elseif(isset($_COOKIE['USERLANGUAGE'])) {
    $language = $_COOKIE['USERLANGUAGE'];
} elseif(strlen($_GET[lan]) > 2 ) {
    $language = $SETTINGS['defaultlanguage'];
} else {
    $language = $SETTINGS['defaultlanguage'];
$language = str_replace('..','',addslashes(htmlspecialchars($language)));
#// If the user is logged in, update the user's record
#// This is used to send the e-mails in the user's language
    mysql_query("DELETE FROM PHPAUCTIONXL_userslanguage WHERE user='".$_SESSION['PHPAUCTION_LOGGED_IN']."'");
    mysql_query("INSERT INTO PHPAUCTIONXL_userslanguage VALUES(
if (!$language) $language = $SETTINGS['defaultlanguage'];
/* **************************************************************/
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Note: I see a lot of $_GET[lan] in your code, and while this technically will work in PHP, it is a very bad practice. It should be $_GET['lan'] –  nathanjosiah Mar 23 '12 at 23:15
Dude - do you have a file on the server called "/home/retrorea/public_html/tradepost/includes/messages.english.php.inc.php"??? –  paulsm4 Mar 23 '12 at 23:18

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The file you want to include is not found. Have you checked if the path to the file is correct?

And are you sure the file that you want to include is messages.english.php.inc.php? I think you would include messages/english.php.inc.php.

Also, why twice a .php extension?

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There is something wrong with the URL structure. Look at this part


Try modifying:



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You don't seem to have defined $include_path. You need to make sure the file definitely exists before referencing it.

You might also want to use include instead of require:

include() generates a warning, but the script will continue execution
require() generates a fatal error, and the script will stop

Read about it here.

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