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I have a table called credit_log and the columns are

user_id | amount

The amount can be positive or negative. Positive means credits bought, negative means credits spent. So, I want to have a query which returns

user_id | Bought | Spent 

essentially , i want to sum up positive amount values in to Bought and sum up negative amount in to Spent and I want to group by the user_id

Currently I have a query like this

select user_id,sum(amount) from credit_log group by user_id;

but it sums up both positive and negative values. How can I write a query to separate them?

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Some conditional statements inside the query should work nicely:

    SUM(IF(amount > 0, amount, 0)) bought,
    SUM(IF(amount < 0, amount, 0)) spent
FROM credit_log
GROUP BY user_id;
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thanks, it worked. –  rkt Mar 23 '12 at 23:54
@JYelton so you posted while I was writing mine. Didn't realize you posted. –  kasavbere Mar 23 '12 at 23:57
Usually SO tries to be helpful with a JS banner that lets you know something's been posted, but if posts are seconds apart that isn't usually enough warning. –  JYelton Mar 24 '12 at 0:10
 select user_id, sum(if(amount>0,amount,0)) bought, sum(if(amount<0,amount,0)) spent
 from web_user_credits group by user_id;
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I'm not 100% the syntax is the same in mysql... but it looks like it:

 ,case when amount > 0 then amount else 0 end as bought
 ,case when amount < 0 then amount else 0 end as spent

And you can go on to simply place sum() around the case statements (include the end but not as).

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check this :

select user_id , sum(if(amount< 0 ,0 ,amount )) as spent, 
    sum(if(amount> 0 ,0 ,amount )) as bought
from  credit_log  group by  user_id
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