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What is the maximum value of an int in ChucK? Is there a symbolic constant for it?

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New in the latest version!


For reference though, it uses the "long" keyword in C++ to represent integers. So on 32-bit computers the max should be 0x7FFFFFFF, or 2147483647. On 64-bit computers it will be 0x7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, or 9223372036854775807.

Answer from Kassen and Stephen Sinclair on the chuck-users mailing list.

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The ChucK API reference uses the C int type, so the maximum value would depend on your local machine (2^31-1, around two billion on standard 32-bit x86). I don't see any references to retrieving limits, but if ChucK is extensible using C you could add a function that returns MAXINT.

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