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Im trying to setup my mvc page like the following image:enter image description here

The header and bottom bar should always stay the same size and dock to the top and bottom of the page. In the middle is a infragistics jgrid that i want to always take up the center area of the page, so it should shrink and grow with the browser window.

So Im at a bit of a loss on how to dynamically change the div sizes and location when the browser window size changes.Any ideas/examples?


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up vote 1 down vote accepted i hope this will solve your problem. you can set the position property of header and footer to fixed so when your content scrolls while header and footer stay at the same place in your browser window.

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Hi QQping, I think that is half my answer. I need to resize the infragistics jgrid the "Content" div to resize depending on the browser window as well. So I dont whether this is the fact of adding listener event on the window resize and changing the height of the grid accordingly. If this is even possible? Thanks – Matt Mar 24 '12 at 7:10

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