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I'm modifying a Firefox extension that has been written by someone else, and I'm not very experienced with Javascript and Firefox, so my question is probably fairly simple.

I have a lot of code in a Javascript Module (.jsm file), and I want to produce some outputs form this module to help with debugging. I can't seem to use javascript alerts (alert("blah");) or log to the javascript console (console.log("blah");) as both of these give errors saying that console or alert cannot be found.

Is there any way to produce this sort of debugging output from code running in a Javascript Module? All I want is simple text output to help with my development/debugging process.

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Thanks for the link, unfortunately none of those answers work for me. I always get an error saying that window or Firebug is undefined. Any other ideas? –  robintw Mar 24 '12 at 9:01

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There are two common options:

  • Use dump(), the output will be printed to OS console (on Windows you need to run Firefox with -console command line option to see it).
  • Use Component.utils.reportError, the output will be printed to Error Console - use Ctrl-Shift-J to open it.
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