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I know it may be quite easily for you.
I have a text which contains 40 lines, I want to remove lines which starts with a constant text.
Please check below data.

When I used (?mn)[\+CMGL:].*($) it removes the whole text , when I use (?mn)[\+CMGL:].*(\r) , it only leaves the first line.

+CMGL: 0,1,,159
+CMGL: 1,1,,159
+CMGL: 2,1,,151
+CMGL: 3,1,,159
+CMGL: 4,1,,159

I want to remove all lines that starts with +CMGL , and leave only other line.


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Why do you need Regex for this? String.StartsWith was created for this purpose.

Dim result = lines.Where(Function(l) Not l.StartsWith("+CMGL")).ToList()

Edit: If you don't have "lines" but a text which contains NewLine-characters:

Dim result = text.Split({ControlChars.CrLf, ControlChars.Lf}, StringSplitOptions.None).
                  Where(Function(l) Not l.StartsWith("+CMGL")).ToList()

If you want it to be converted back to a string:

Dim text = String.Join(Environment.NewLine, result)
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