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I am very new to jqGrid & also jQuery, so hope to get some help from here. When we click the edit button at the navigator, the default edit dialog will show the fields which we set editable=true, but what if i want to add other table field? Example:

Table Customer                      Table CustomerBooking
--------------                      ---------------------
Column CustomerId                   Column BookingId
Column CustomerName                 Column CustomerId

My grid will load the customer Id & Name but what i want is when i click edit, the edit dialog can show all Booking id related to this customer.

I tried with combine SQL (SELECT * FROM Customer A, CustomerBooking B where A.CustomerId = B.CustomerId) with set BookingId (hidden: true), The grid load successfully, but when i click the row, it dont allow me to click on the row due to there are more than 1 row of CustomerId (the relationship is 1 to many, one customerId can have > 1 BookingId).

Is there any way when i click on the row then upon the edit dialog load, only i submit another query to get all the BookingId? I have stucked here for a few days, anyone can advise?

Thanks in advance!

Many Many Thanks!

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You don't described which information you show in the grid. Showing of BookingId or the list of BookingId for selected customer is not really interesting. One need probably shows some booking details. Moreover you tried to use "Edit" button. Which information you want to change? So you should first decide what you want to show the user and what you need to allow to edit. Probably two grids (master/details) would be helpful: one with customer information and another with booking details of the user selected in the first grid? –  Oleg Mar 24 '12 at 9:39
Hi Oleg, Thanks for your reply. What i want to show in the grid is just the Customer Id & Customer Name. I just want when user click edit, they can see & update information about the Booking Details. You are right, I need to show the BookingDetails and the example which i gave is too simple. Issit possible to customize the editDialog to add in another field? Thanks in advance! –  user1289424 Mar 26 '12 at 1:24

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