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I am trying to follow a similar work flow as others using Backbone and CouchDB. If my connector looks like this:

Backbone.couch_connector.config.db_name = window.location.pathname.split("/")[1];
Backbone.couch_connector.config.ddoc_name = window.location.pathname.split("/")[3];
Backbone.couch_connector.config.global_changes = false;

And my URL has the document _id, whats the cleanest way to get a document?

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If you're going to downvote, please comment! – Andrew Boes Mar 24 '12 at 4:06
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  1. Define a route in your backbone router that passes the id to a function
  2. In the function instantiate the model, setting the passed in id
  3. Call fetch() on the model

    routes: {
        '/foo/:id' : 'doFoo'
    doFoo = function(id) {
        doc = new Model({ '_id' : id }).fetch();            

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