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I hope this question is not a repost.

I'm newbie on Kohana. I'm working in a system made by other guy.

I need to understand how to set the theme but I can't find anything here nor google. I found that in some systems is set a cookie called theme. But I don't know where to set this cookie.

Could someone tell how to set themes in Kohana?

Thank you all, dudes.


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Kohana is a framework to develop applications from scratch - it doesn't come with any themes like Drupal or WordPress. If what you are looking for are templates, you can use the Controller_Template base class. Just make your controllers extend it:

class Controller_Extends extends Controller_Template

Then set the template body using something like:

$this->template->content = $content;

Finally, create the template file in application/views/template.php:

<!-- Here goes the header -->
if (isset($content)) echo "<div id='content'>$content</div>";
<!-- Here goes the footer -->
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Laurent, thanks. As I said I'm a newbie. I was talking about the themes, those ones in asset/admin/css/themes. I'm able to change it forcing the $theme var just before my template load the styles (I foun this line in my admin.php layout: " <?php echo Html::style("assets/admin/css/themes/{$theme}/style.css") ?>"). Thanks again and sorry for my rookie question. –  JuanMatias Mar 24 '12 at 14:42

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