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what should I do to match a string constructed by substrings "CC" "LC" "SW" "RP" "WP" "DT" "LO" "CR" "RC" by regular expression in c#.for example: the input string is "D:(A;;CCLCRPRC;;;AU)(A;;CCLCRPRC;;;IU)(A;;CCLCRPRC;;;SU) (A;;CCLCRPWPRC;;;SY)(A;;KA;;;BA)S:(AU;FA;KA;;;WD)(AU;OIIOFA;GA;;;WD)"*and how to match the substring *(A;;CCLCRPRC;;;AU) in it.


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You didn't specify anything about the text surrounding the 2 character substrings (the As and the semicolons), so to be flexible, here's a regex that pulls out all strings that are surrounded by brackets, start with anything, end with anything, and contains one or more of the substrings you specified:

var resultList = new List<string>();
Regex regexObj = new Regex(@"(\(.*?(CC|LC|SW|RP|WP|DT|LO|CR|RC)+.*?\))", RegexOptions.Multiline);
Match matchResult = regexObj.Match(subjectString);
while (matchResult.Success) 
    matchResult = matchResult.NextMatch();

When run on your example above, the following are extracted:

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Thanks.It works fine,but this pulls out strings like (A;;CCCCLCRPRC;;;AU) too (the CC appear twice). –  sam Mar 25 '12 at 5:06
So each of the substrings can only appear a maximum of once? –  Mike Chamberlain Mar 25 '12 at 7:48

If you want to match exact string, you can simply use String.IndexOf method.

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or You may use String.Contains method to find whether a string is part of main string or not

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