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I've been trying to use Google Spreadsheet API in C# by following these instructions.

I downloaded the API from the official Downloads page. However, there are two things wrong with it:

  1. The API seems outdated, because I could not find the class OAuth2Parameters mentioned in the tutorial, only OAuthParameters.

  2. The sample directory only contains executable files and no source code. I could really use the source code of the Spreadsheet.exe sample, as it fits my needs pretty well.

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You can grab the source code from the project page - I've just done that and built it with no problems. OAuth2Parameters is in the oauthparameters.cs file. I don't know if there's a binary release of the latest version of the libraries, I'm afraid.

(Note that I work for Google, but this post isn't written on behalf of Google - I haven't had much to do with the GData API, although I know someone who has, so if this answer doesn't help I may be able to get more information on Monday...)

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I am shocked you work for Google? –  Ramhound Jun 26 '12 at 14:34
@Ramhound: What's shocking about that? –  Jon Skeet Jun 26 '12 at 14:59

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