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I am working in android. I just used a video player. I am accessing video from my sdcard.

When i access video from myFolder then it works fine, but there are some folder which name are Japanese character. So whenever i want to access video from those folder then "Sorry, This video can not play" error is occurred.

This is my code which i am using:-

    VideoView video = (VideoView) findViewById(R.id.videoId);
    MediaController controller = new MediaController(this);
    controller.setPadding(0, 0, 0, 55);


and this my path in which i am facing problem to video:-

url = /sdcard/.FileStorage/History/Myfilestorage/のフダ名/H.264(avc)_mp3_1000kbps_640x480_25fps.mp4

please suggest what should i do ?

Thank you in advance.

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Try by converting that Japanese name in to UTF-8 format and then try to use it.

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I have resolved my problem to trace the sequence of output of each line. I have done mistake that there is no need to decode url.

So the solution is to use following line:- video.setVideoPath(sdCardUrl);

in place of video.setVideoPath(URLDecoder.decode(sdCardUrl));

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