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I am having a product and its license is gets validated from server. Can any body tell me how many test scenarios i can prepare on this to validate license...?

Your help is appreciated...?

Thanks, sivaram.

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How do we know how many unless we know how the validation works? ;-)

  1. Well if you server validated based on time try changing the time in the client and valdate.
  2. Change system time (future date) , install app and then change the date to current date and then try validating.
  3. Enter the same license key (if any) in two copies and try validating
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Thanks shoban. My self got same thoughts. But still looking some more scenarios...your comments are valueble –  sivaramakrishna Jun 12 '09 at 4:57
Giev us more info about validation. We will be able to help you more. –  Shoban Jun 12 '09 at 5:35

You might also want to consider using an off-the-shelf license server scheme like FlexNet. This allows your customer to manage your product licensing along many other licensed products.

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