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might be a stupid question but I seem to be confused. Im pretty new to sencha touch. Ive got a textfield and all I want to do is save the value of the textfield. Ive put a change listener on the field and want to listen to the "newValue" which is type "Mixed". How would I get the real String which is in the textfield ? Should be easy - I guess? Thanks in advance.

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the value you are getting will be of String type, you can check that by using this method

if(Ext.isString(value)) {
} else {
   alert('something else');

actually Mixed is not a data type of javascript, its just notation used in documentation of sencha to denote a combination of the single types (like Boolean, String, Number, Array, Object, etc.).

Mixed type is normally used to define a return value or a parameter that can pass anything, so a class who wants extend textfield can return boolean in getValue function, so the type of return value is not fixed, and can be changed by subclasses



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thanks a lot. I guess I was just confused. ^^ –  Mike Äfer Mar 26 '12 at 11:13

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