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here is my code..

<script type="text/javascript">
function clicker(){

    var thediv=document.getElementById('downloadoverlay');
    if(thediv.style.display == "none"){
        thediv.style.display = "";
    return false;
function clicker1(){
    var thediv1=document.getElementById('downloadbox');
    if(thediv1.style.display == "none"){
        thediv1.style.display = "";

    return false;


on clicking the button.. the event should call two functions simultaneously.. help..??

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Add the handlers unobtrusively, from within your script. Something like:

function addHandler(etype, el,handlerFunction){
  if (el.attachEvent) {
   el.attachEvent('on' + etype, handlerFunction);
  } else {
   el.addEventListener(etype, handlerFunction, false);
var myButton = document.getElementById('mybutton');
addHandler('click', myButton, clicker);
addHandler('click', myButton, clicker1);
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Yes, you can, if you attach event listener: IE, other browsers.

Just keep in mind that they both won't end at the same moment, and one might get 'cut short', if site redirects, before second function is done.

Also, in this case, I would set CSS class on tag which contains both #downloadoverlay and #downloadbox. Instead of messing with style object directly.

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Just write one function that calls both. For example, you could write

function onClick() {

And set onclick="return onClick();" on the element you care about.

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Just make another function to call both of them simultaneously

function callClickers(){

Now add this to your button onclick

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it doesnt help jibi.. it s calling the 1st function and not the second... –  Suren Mar 24 '12 at 9:54
@Suren is there an error somewhere on the console? You should also add semicolons wherever you've missed them in your code. Its absence can muck things up –  Jibi Abraham Mar 24 '12 at 10:00

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