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Here is a small program showing a problem:

import Data.Fixed

main = do
    print x
    x :: Pico
    x = read "12" -- error: no instance for 'Read Pico'

I see library GHC source code in Fixed.hs - there is instance for Read (copying some code):

type Pico = Fixed E12

data E12 = E12

instance HasResolution E12 where
    resolution _ = 1000000000000

instance (HasResolution a) => Read (Fixed a) where
    readsPrec _ = readsFixed

What's wrong with my reasoning and why compiler doesn't see that Pico is instance of Read?

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Fixed has a Read instance since base, which is GHC 7.2. You probably have an older version.

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Exactly! I saw 7.2.2 sources while 7.0.4 installed. – demi Mar 24 '12 at 10:22

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