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I'm trying to read mails with Zend_Mail_Storage_Imap. Here is a part of my code :

$mail = new Zend_Mail_Storage_Imap(
        array(  'host' =>'',
                'ssl' =>true,
                'user' => '***',
                'password' => '***' 

    foreach ($mail as $k => $message) {
             $msg = $mail->getMessage( $k );
             echo $msg->getContent();

Everthing work's well, except the accent format. I have things like this :

int=C3=A9gration for intégration

S=C3=A0rl* for sàrl

Can somebody help me?

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Have a look into the "getText()" method here:

The text is in french, but don't bother and only take what you need into this getText method. Basically you need to determine the encoding of the email & decode it.

You can also have a look there : Email decoding doesn't work in zend mail

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I have tried to use your class. It make me an Exception. $contentTransfertEncoding is empty... – Ced Mar 24 '12 at 11:26
What about the 2nd solution? THe 1st one may be outdated (it's 3 years old...) – haltabush Mar 24 '12 at 11:37
utf8_decode( quoted_printable_decode( $part->getContent() ))
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here it is a possible solution if you use utf-8 internal encoding.

 * retrieves message content
 * @param Zend_Mail_Message|Zend_Mail_Part $oMessage
 * @return string returns message content as utf-8 string from message object
public static function contentDecoder ($oMessage, $bVerbose = false) {
    echo ($bVerbose)?("\tultimateContentDecode {\n"):('');      
    if($oMessage->headerExists('content-type')) {
        echo ($bVerbose)?("\t\t" . $oMessage->contentType . "\n"):('');
            str_replace('"', '', $oMessage->contentType), $matches);
        list(,$sMimeType,$sEncoding) = $matches;
        echo ($bVerbose)?("\t\tType of this part is {$sMimeType}, {$sEncoding}\n"):('');
    } else {
        $sContent = $oMessage->getContent();
        $sMimeType = 'text/plain';
        $sEncoding = mb_detect_encoding($sContent, self::$_sEncDetectOrder);
        echo ($bVerbose)?("\t\tUnknow content type. text/plain; charset={$sEncoding}\n"):('');
    $sEncoding = strtoupper($sEncoding);
    if($oMessage->headerExists('content-transfer-encoding')) {
        $sQuoting = $oMessage->contentTransferEncoding;
        echo ($bVerbose)?("\t\tContent-Transfer-Encoding: " . $oMessage->contentTransferEncoding . "\n"):('');
    } else {
        $sQuoting = '';
    $sContent = $oMessage->getContent();
    switch ($sQuoting) {
        case 'quoted-printable':
        case '7bit':
            $sContent = quoted_printable_decode($sContent);
        case 'base64':
            $sContent = base64_decode($sContent);
    if ($sEncoding != 'UTF-8') {
        echo ($bVerbose)?("\t\tConvert encoding: {$sEncoding} -> UTF-8 \n"):('');
        $sContent = mb_convert_encoding($sContent, 'UTF-8', $sEncoding);
    $sContent = trim(preg_replace(
            array('/^\s+/m', '/\s+$/m', '/[ \t]+/'),
            array('', '', ' '), $sContent));
    echo ($bVerbose)?("--\n{$sContent}\n--"):('');
    echo ($bVerbose)?("\t}\n"):('');
    return $sContent;
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