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I want to get total row count in iReport. The intention is to print label based on the total row count. My Format is like this: Assume that there is 10 records.

This is page 1

No Name Add
1  ---- ---
2  ---- ---
3  ---- ---
4  ---- ---
5  ---- ---


This is page 2

No Name Add
6  ---- ---
7  ---- ---
8  ---- ---
9  ---- ---
10 ---- ---

What should i do? How do I get all record count before printing the report?

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Use the built-in variable $V{REPORT_COUNT}. Set the text field's evaluation time to "Report" if you're interested in the final value.

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Put the $V{REPORT_COUNT} in the detail section of your report along with your other fields.

It will display the values in sequence as you mentioned in your question.

  1. create a variable drag and drop
  2. in the detail section right click on the item
  3. click on edit expressions
  4. in fx variables you will see REPORT_COUNT
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