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The difficulty I see is with all the require calls, and the dependency tree. Is there a way to iterate through a project, including dependencies where needed, and produce a single, fully contained javascript file?

I am hoping to convert some server side only libraries to client side apps.

Alternatively, is there another method to achieve this...

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If there is a file lib/_third_party_main.js in the node source when you compile, it will run that on start. See src/node.js. You might be able to compile your sources with e.g. UglifyJS or Google Closure.

Edit: Also, you can require any modules you put in lib as if they were native modules. Example:


var foo = require('foo');



module.exports = function() {
  console.log('O hai');

Compile and run, and it will print O hai.

Edit: You might be able to use Ender.js, Browserify or a similar browser packaging tool to build a single file.

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This looks like all the information I wanted. I think browserify is what I was after (although I am having trouble installing via npm). I will check all the links you have given me. Thanks ,~) –  Billy Moon Mar 24 '12 at 17:12
+1 for browserify –  mbrevoort Mar 24 '12 at 23:08

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